Sticker Bag - Mini

Sticker Bag - Mini

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Sticker Pouch of 10 Mini QR code stickers in various colors and materials.

We have created connected QR code stickers to help you communicate with people around you.

Speak with QR codes! Inform, chat, interact... FindR stickers provides 'on-site' or item-based interactions.

Ideal for:

• On site information
• Items communication
• Lost & found
• Communication & promotion

Use cases are endless!

- - - 

Scan each QR code separately and add them to your FindR QR code wallet.

• 10 Stickers
• 1 Sticker = 1 QR code
• No subscription needed 
• UV Scratch - Water resistant
• No Battery

Each QR code sticker is unique. Scan and register them separately on Once registered link them to our various App modes (Private message, Bio, Wall, Link). The sticker materials of this pouch are produced in a variety of options: be surprised by brushed alloy silver, gold, pink, blue, mirror foil in silver or gold, fluorescent (pink, yellow, orange), holographic, glitter, prismatic, glow in the dark, and Kraft paper.

Dimensions: 2,7x3,9in / 70x10mm

More info:

1. Scan and register on FindR

Sign up on, register your stickers by scanning the QR code. Use our various App modes (Private message, Bio, Wall, Link) following your needs. 

2. Stick and and link your QR code

Stick your QR code on items or places and link them to an App mode: Use 'Private' or 'Bio' for protection of your personal items. Choose 'Wall' for chats and interactions, or 'Link' to connect to external URLs.

3. Find your stuff & speak with QR codes

Find your stuff, chat, and share info with people around you: FindR enhances communication via QR code stickers, enabling swift access, and real-time, places or item-based conversations.

More information

Made by FindR Technologies Inc. ©2023 All rights reserved. FindR™ and the FindR logo are trademarks of FindR Technologies Inc. “QR Code” is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated.

Find your stuff & promote kindness™ 🌿😊⚡️

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