"Find A Way Or Fade Away" (PDA Road Sign) by Olivia Steele

"Find A Way Or Fade Away" (PDA Road Sign) by Olivia Steele

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« Find A Way Or Fade Away » is a selection from the global public art initiative "Public Display Of Awareness" by light artist Olivia Steele. A simple reminder that there is always a way— You just have to find it. Known for her iconic neon installations, Steele has pioneered a new breed of street art in the form of industrial traffic signage in an endless endeavor to find new and unexpected ways to touch you. These seemingly simple yet profound signs point to a new kind of direction as they encourage a moment of undeniable truth and poignant awareness and to the unassuming passer-by.

Meet the artist

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More information: www.oliviasteele.com / Instagram: @publicdisplayofawareness / @steeleism

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Commitments and sustainability: The work is being developed in limited editions of 1,000 unique QR code stickers, coupled with a NFT (plus 100 artist's proofs). All revenues are split among the Artist, partnering NGOs for reforestation programs, and FindR. Additionally 5% of royalties from secondary sales are directly returned to the artist fostering a sustainable art ecosystem. Each sticker enables the preservation of forest parcels. Our partnering NGOs protects rainforest parcels in Madagascar, Amazonia etc.. which capture tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. Each FindR collector, therefore, participates in sustainable developments with the common goal of fighting climate change. Visit findr.io/limited-edition for more details.

About FindR: FindR is the first QR code social network dedicated to lost & found, information, and creation. Our connected QR code products can be collected using FindR’s QR code wallet and App. FindR aims to help people from all over the world to recover their items and communicate in a new way, through QR codes. It’s also a reminder of how kind people can be if there’s an easy opportunity to communicate and help out. Visit findr.io for more details.

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FindR x Artists NFTs are subject to the collector terms available here: findr.io/terms-conditions. If you buy a FindR x Artists NFT sticker, you do not receive commercial rights in the corresponding artwork. All rights belongs to the Artist mentioned above.

Dimensions: 4.29 x 6.1in - (A6) 155 x 108mm

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